Die Garderobe im Haus am Querschlag mit mehreren Jacken.

Special Forms of Living

In-Patient Living Offerings

We enable, encourage or support people with disabilities to master their everyday lives, assert themselves confidently in society and to make them as independent as possible from external assistance.

We have therefore created two special forms of living for people with an increased need of support, the Haus am Querschlag and Permanent Living [Dauerwohnen], which is directly linked to the P.A.N. Center.

In-patient, as outpatient as possible.

Haus Am Querschlag

Gruppenfoto der Bewohnerinnen und Bewohner des Haus am Querschlag.

The Haus Am Querschlag is located in the green Berlin-Reinickendorf in a quiet street in the Frohnau neighbourhood. A total of 14 people with physical and multiple disabilities live here.

We operate the Haus Am Querschlag according to the principle of “in-patient when necessary, and outpatient as much as possible”. In terms of social law, it is a special form of living with round the clock care. The conceptual approach of the Haus Am Querschlag aims at promoting the clients’ participation, social space orientation and self-determination.

The Haus Am Querschlag is directly connected to a residential community on the same plot via a large internal courtyard. Together, they form the “Querschlag Quarter” of the Fürst Donnersmarck Foundation. There is space for joint events and activities in the internal courtyard with a view onto the countryside.

What the Haus am Querschlag Offers You

  • Individual living
  • A furnished modern apartment with its own large bathroom. The furnishings in the apartment can be changed upon request.
  • Support and care around the clock
  • Social-education support
  • Care support from staff of the outpatient service
  • Individual leisure organisation and daily structure
  • A modern facility with a multifunction room for therapies or cosy group evenings and a large, green internal courtyard
  • A beautiful location in the Reinickendorf district

You will find a detailed description of our concept here.

The Location

The Haus Am Querschlag is located in the green Berlin-Reinickendorf, in the Frohnau neighbourhood. From there, the clients can get to the center of Frohnau in a few minutes with plenty of accessible shops, shopping opportunities and services.

Medical care is provided by specialist doctors’ surgeries very close by. The doctors will also make house visits if necessary. To maintain the clients’ physical development we cooperate closely with external therapeutic practices. The clients find employment in the nearby “Nordbahn Werkstatt für Menschen mit Behinderung” [Nordbahn Workshop for People with Disabilities] or as part of an individual local offering.

The Haus Am Querschlag itself is located on a large plot of land with an attractive garden behind the house. All of the clients live in their own apartments with bathrooms. The rooms are partially furnished, but can be adapted to individuals’ ideas. Large, bright group and leisure areas round off the offering, enabling an individual life in the community.

Ein Proträfoto von Bianca Polny.

Bianca Polny

Bianca Polny

Haus Am Querschlag
Am Querschlag 7
13465 Berlin

Telephone: 030 401 036 55
Fax: 030 939 503 63

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In-Patient Living

Our Permanent Living Offering

Eine Luftaufnahme mit Hilfe einer Drohne vom gesamten Gebäudekomplex des P.A.N. Zentrums.

In our residential home - connected to the P.A.N. Center - we offer people who can no longer live alone, due to a physical and multiple disability, a permanent living offering with 24 places.

Our participation-oriented concept contains:

  • Enabling residents to live a largely self-determined life
  • Supporting them in a resource-oriented way
  • Teaching them lost skills again as far as possible
  • maintain and stabilise things that have been newly learned or learned again
  • Encouraging life within the community
  • Supporting participation in life in society

Self-Determined Living

The aim of our participation-oriented concept is to enable our residents to live a largely self-determined life. Our core expertise are resource-oriented support in learning lost skills and supporting life within the community.

We see the person as a whole: with his or her physical and cognitive functions and his or her wishes and feelings. To achieve a high quality of life, we strengthen the involvement of our residents and encourage their initiative.

Figures, Data, Facts

  • In a green location in the Berlin district of Reinickendorf, Frohnau neighbourhood
  • Good connections to local public transport
  • Shopping opportunities in the neighbourhood center can be reached without a bus
  • 24 places, single room always with ensuite bathroom
  • In-house kitchen
  • Interdisciplinary 24-hour care
  • Permanent care by a designated key worker
  • Educational and care staff
  • Regular further training for staff
  • Therapy opportunities in the neighbouring P.A.N. Center for Post-Acute Neuro-Rehabilitation
  • Daily structure offerings: BFBTS, cafeteria and leisure offerings

State-of-the-Art Living Spaces

Every resident has a single room with ensuite bathroom. They are incorporated in a residential group with a maximum of twelve residential units. Kitchen diners, community rooms and a beautiful garden facilitate contacts in the community, but also private withdrawal.

Participation-Oriented Living Concept

Our living concept stands for self-determination and equal participation in life in society. Our aim is to ensure the greatest possible personal well-being of the residents. A key task of our care is therefore formulating with you personal goals for living in the house and supporting you to implement them.

The residential groups are supported and mentored by our neuro-educational team.  Every resident is supported by a key worker.

Nursing and Medical Care

As part of holistic care, 24-hour needs-based care is guaranteed. Basic care is provided by trained education staff.

Medical treatment is provided by nurses. General practitioners and special doctors provide medical care.

The extensive in-house therapy departments can be used for therapeutic services according to Social Code Book V. At night, our residents are cared for by night shifts.

Daily Structure

Many daily structure offerings, such as options for occupation, advancement and care (BFB TS), cafeteria and leisure offerings are available to residents.

Diverse leisure activities

A diverse leisure programme is available to all residents:

  • Cafeteria
  • Visits to many cultural events in Berlin Outings to the surrounding area
  • Cinema
  • Disco
  • Bingo
  • Games afternoons
  • Reading group

Michaela Ruhp

Michaela Ruhp
Head of Permanent Living

P.A.N. Center
Wildkanzelweg 28
13465 Berlin

Telephone:  030 406 06-298
Fax:  030 406 06-14

Email to Michaela Ruhp


The duration of one’s stay is unlimited. People with disabilities, as a consequence of acquired brain damage, who are entitled to integration assistance benefits, are admitted. The conditions under social law for the “Offerings for Occupation, Advancement and Care” is integration assistance according to Articles 75 ff Social Code Book XII

Exclusion Criteria

  • Progressive diseases (e.g. multiple sclerosis),
  • Psychiatric underlying diseases, such as depression or schizophrenia,
  • Severe psychological or mental disability and
  • Evident or acute addiction problems.