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Working for the Foundation

“Find a Job to Give Your Life Meaning!”

There are many facets to independent living. For more than 100 years, the Fürst Donnersmarck Foundation has been advocating for people with disabilities. We see ourselves as a partner in the process towards more inclusion and self-determination. With around 600 employees including subsidiaries we realise our Foundation purpose in Berlin and beyond with great commitment.

Job Openings

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Speculative Applications

Do you want to apply to us on spec? Then, don’t delay and get in touch!

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Do you want to complete your (mandatory) placement with us? Maybe we have a suitable place.

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Voluntary Social Year/Federal Voluntary Service

Do you want to complete a Voluntary Social Year or Federal Voluntary Service with us? 

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Vocational Training

Are you looking for a training position for your technical college training?

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We’re Looking for You

No matter whether you want to support us as a social care worker, carer, nurse or social worker in our outpatient assisted living, outpatient service or P.A.N. Centre for Post-Acute Neuro-Rehabilitation facilities, or are looking for an admin job: We are always on the lookout for committed and motivated new colleagues with initiative and passion!

But one thing is especially important to us: the further development and advancement of our colleagues. Because we want you to feel comfortable with us in the long term and to grow together with us – day by day. 

What else makes working at the Fürst Donnersmarck Foundation so special? And why should YOU too become part of our team?

That’s what we asked our fantastic colleagues

Employees on the Foundation

“Since my first day I have appreciated the collegiate and professional dealings in the company. Appreciation and acceptance are part of the positive working environment. Changing demands keep presenting me with new challenges – and independent work is explicitly wanted.”

Sandra Dölling, nurse in Outpatient Intensive Care

“At 24 I joined the Foundation as a junior controller. Today, I am 31, a controller, married, a father and I’m still here. Why? Over the last seven years the Foundation has been a loyal companion because it has always given me the opportunity to develop my career further and pull back when I needed to.”

Sven Rubert, Controlling

“As an apprentice to become a qualified geriatric nurse I have already been able to gather practical experience across the whole Foundation. I like working here because I have the best possible encouragement and support from my manager. She’s always ready to answer any questions I have and takes time for a personal chat, even in stressful situations.”

Pamela Kremer, Apprentice Outpatient Service

Want to Know More?

Haven’t you found anything suitable straight away? Then we look forward to receiving your speculative application.

Or maybe you are looking for a:

If you have any technical difficulties or have general queries, our contact for personnel marketing and recruitment, Ms Seuthe, is available at any time by telephone on 030/769 700 - 48.

Porträtfoto von Miriam Seuthe.

Miriam Seuthe

Head of Recruitment and Personnel Development Staff Unit

Tel: 030 769 700-48

Email to Miriam Seuthe


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We have signed the Charta der Vielfalt [Diversity Charter] for a tolerant world of work.

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