Eine Luftaufnahme mit Hilfe einer Drohne vom gesamten Gebäudekomplex des P.A.N. Zentrums.

Location & How to Find Us

In the green north of Berlin

Location of the P.A.N. Center

The P.A.N. Center for Post-Acute Neuro-Rehabilitation is in the Frohnau neighbourhood of the Berlin district of Reinickendorf. The P.A.N. Center is firmly embedded in Frohnau with established social relationships, for example to the local church community.

The house is surrounded by extensive grounds, immediately neighbouring a forested area. We offer many leisure and therapy options in the grounds, such as an accessible circular path, a xylophone, a wheelchair see-saw, accessible raised beds or a game using arms, that all inspire people to spend some time and try them out.

The city center of Frohnau, a very green residential area with a peaceful, small-town feeling, can be reached on foot or by wheelchair. Wheelchair users are part of the familiar street scene here. The pavements are lowered at crossings, many shops and public buildings are accessible without steps and the local public transport is adapted to the needs of rehabilitation patients.

Several accessible minivans are available to the P.A.N. Centers leisure department for journeys outside Frohnau and day trips. We are also happy to support rehabilitation patients in booking special trip services if they are planning independent undertakings.

How to Find Us

By Bus and S-Bahn

S-Bahn: Route S1 to Frohnau station

Bus: Route 125, Am Pilz stop and then on foot


By Car

Motorway A111/E26.

Exit at the Waidmannsluster Damm/Hermsdorfer Damm exit. At the crossroads immediately after the motorway exit, drive straight on across Waidmannsluster Damm onto Hermsdorfer Damm. After approx. 4 km, leave Hermsdorfer Damm and turn left onto the B96 (Berliner Straße). Follow the road for approx. 2.5 km. Just before the start of the forest, leave the B96 and turn right onto the road called “Am Pilz”. Then, drive straight on to the end of Rauentaler Str. (Rauentaler Str. 32) and you will see the P.A.N. Center on your right.