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Assistance, Care, Household Help or Care Consulting

Are you looking for a home care nursing service in the north of Berlin? Do you want to be supported by a fixed, friendly team and not meet new staff every day? Are you looking for expert care consulting? Or do you want to help to decide the timing of the services yourself? Then the Ambulatory Care Service of the Fürst Donnersmarck Foundation is just right for you.

Ambulatory Care Service of the Fürst Donnersmarck Foundation

With more than 80 carers and nurses, the Home Care Nursing Service of the Fürst Donnersmarck Foundation is on the case from early in the morning to late at night. With our flexibility and our orientation to clients’ individual goals, we are implementing a central demand of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Disabled and regularly receive top marks, both from clients and the health insurers’ medical services.  We are an open and diverse team that is fully committed to the concerns of people with disabilities. In and around Berlin-Reinickendorf, we take on the outpatient care of people with disabilities in their own homes and the facilities of the Fürst Donnersmarck Foundation

We offer

  • Care
  • Assistance
  • Treatment care
  • Help in the home
  • Advice

All of the Long-Term Care Insurance Services and according to Social Code Book XII:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Preparation of meals
  • At-home support and assistance
  • Shopping
  • Escorting outside the home

All of the Services according to Social Code Book V:

  • Administration of medication and supervision
  • Injections
  • Changing dressings of all kinds
  • Special wound care
  • Special diets
  • Putting compression stockings on and taking them off
Porträt-Foto Andreas Seitz, Leiter Ambulanter Dienst

"We are not a classic care service: because many of our clients are still relatively young and should remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.”

Andreas Seitz, Manager of the Ambulatory Care Service

Our Consulting Offering

  • We will advise you in all matters associated with clarifying costs or covering costs.
  • We support your relatives and are happy to give tips on care.
  • We inform you about support services that can aid your independence.
  • We take care of the quarterly and half-yearly mandatory consultations financed by the long
Providing assistance

Our Guiding Principle of Care

Eine Mitarbeiterin hilft einer Klientin im Rollstuhl sich anzuziehen.

The basis of our work is to provide holistic assistance for our clients, incorporating their life history, their individual, cultural, religious and social needs, taking account of the special features of their home environment. We see every person as a self-determined individual and meet his or her needs with dignity and respect. The aim of our assistance is agreed together with the clients, involving their relatives and therapists.

Maintaining or restoring the client’s ability to care for himself or herself has priority for us. We expressly desire and encourage the use of existing resources and active co-determination in shaping the course of the day and daily care provisions. The condition for this is a small and constant team for the individual clients. By taking account of individual, cultural and religious needs, we also enable a humane death in the last phase of life. We offer support, instructions and advice. All of the care activities are conducted expertly and meet the current

Always Up to Date

Continuous further training ensures a high degree of professionalism in our staff. Regular training by internal and external lecturers go beyond the statutory level of training and motivate our team to think more deeply. We reflect every day care with regular supervision.


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