Eine Frau unterhält sich vor dem P.A.N. Zentrum mit dem Chefarzt Dr. Dohle.

Admissions Process

Four Steps to Admission

Step 1

You check the basic conditions

Your patient is of working age (18 to approx. 60), has an acquired neurological impairment and the need for support should broadly correspond to the neurological rehabilitation phase B/C. There are special offerings for people with additional aphasia or orientation disorders.

Step 2

You contact us

To clarify admission, send us your most recent medical documents, such as a doctor’s letter, extension request and the Barthel scale. After receiving the documents, we will contact you and advise you on the opportunity to continue the rehabilitation process in the P.A.N. Center.

Step 3

We arrange an introductory conversation

We get together for a chat where your patient gets to know the P.A.N. Center and the team from the medical, therapy and education sectors. We can also conduct the conversation digitally.

Step 4

We take care of the organisational issues

Rehabilitation in the P.A.N. Center is based on modularised financing. The medical and therapeutic offerings are financed via Social Code Book V (health insurance funds). The educational support and living are based on BTHG (integration assistance). Our social service will be happy to accompany the patient when moving into our premises.

Outpatient Intensive Care

The P.A.N. Center also houses our specialist department for Rehabilitative Outpatient Intensive Care. Its goal is to support people with a neurological impairment, irrespective of a tracheal cannula and/or a ventilation machine. The management of the Outpatient Intensive Care offerings will be happy to answer any questions you may have:

Telephone: 030 406 06-140


If you have any questions, feel free to call us:

Telephone: 030 406 06-0